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Original And Damn Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

As I have already posted a collection of Halloween attire for our animal friends; its time I dedicated a post to us human. Share a bit of creativity and light on to the human imagination for this years Halloween. As I have preached already about the cliche Cat and Smurf costumes; here are some original and damn funny couple halloween costumes for you and the other half… Singletons, I don’t wish to SINGLE you out… Ha! See what I did there? But, these creative costumes don’t have to simply target the loved up puppies. You can use these ideas with a mate or family member. Errr.. Steer clear of the Mother though.. I don’t think she’d be too keen to dress as your USB input whilst you stand proud wearing a foam USB stick… Awkward.

So, yes! Enjoy and click through these original and damn funny couple halloween costumes with an open mind…

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10 weirdly wonderful relationships

Isn’t love a delightful and extremely disturbing thing? I thought fantasising about the sexiest celeb of 2014 was bad enough… Check out some of these victims dosed on the worlds most addictive drugs, love! Maybe these 10 weirdly wonderful relationships could inspire you with your future love? Or maybe not… Let’s hope… Enjoy!

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12 Cats That Copy Pinup Girl Poses

I think every human eye could recognise these memorable pin ups, right? But, times have changed and people.. Errr.. I mean cats have. They certainly know how work the camera. Check out these 12 cats that copy pinup girl poses. It’s certainly something new… Flattering for the pawed pretties? Unlikely, but certainly something’s new.
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15 Unforgivably Cute Halloween Pet Costumes

The time again when every teen and young adult from all over gets a chance to dress as a cat or a smurf? Yhup, Halloween. We aren’t feeling that any more! And neither are our fury household friends. Check out these super cute halloween pet costumes, which could also provide us humans with a creative flare this time round?

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Touching Story How Fire Fighters Saved Hamsters Using Oxygen!

A beloved, modest mobile home caught alight near Washington. The hero’s of the city were quick to the scene where they tackled the fiery blazes.

Whilst tackling the blazes they were notified that there was an additional family of hamsters that were trapped in side the mobile home. These Brave fire fighters saved them whilst risking their own lives to return this fury family to the home owners.


Here you can see a brave firefighter giving air to one of the little hamsters.


Shortly after the firefighters were able to extinguish all the flames and managed to save everyone of the hamsters.


Having A Bad Day? These Will Prove It Could Be Worse

Think you’re having a bad day? Well, some of these scenarios will undoubtedly make you feel a lot better about yourself and the kind of day you’re having. These guys are having a right nightmare of a day… Seek some kind of comfort from this post, because your day couldn’t get much worse than these poor suckers!

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16 mind blowing realistic Body paint illusions

Body painter Hikaru Cho has created some outstanding works of art. These mind blowing, realistic body paint illusions look as if they were mustered up based on a horror film, only using the human body. Hikaru can be found living his dream creating some outstanding works of art, which will leave you taking a second look.

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Father Tells Son He Won The Lotto The Reaction Is Priceless

Cruel intentions? Maybe not what went through this shameless fathers head. Daddy cool? Cool… No more! This is a MUST see. The priceless reaction when this poor boy is led to believe his Father just won the lotto. All of the possibilities running through the young boys head only to be ripped away from him within minutes. Although a harsh prank; this is class entertainment.
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