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12 Amazing 3D Latte Art Styles

Kazuki Yamamoto has decided that making flat image latte art is child’s plays. Kazuki has taken things onto the next level by producing some amazing 3d latte art, it’s amazing how he is actually making the latte art pop out of the cup and hold it’s shape. I would personally pay a lot of money for one of those cuppa’s.

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9 Quotes That Emma Watson Said In Her UN Speech. The Video Of The Speech Is At The End

Emma Watson is said to be a national treasure to Great Britain. She is most famous for playing a key role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.

recently been in the lime light for her UN speech about gender & equality and also later that day after her speech “4chan” announced the release of her nude photos. 4chan has provided a link that has a timer on it, once the timer has run out the nudes will be shown to the world! It’s said they will be revealed around saturday mid day.

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27 Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Who Quote Their Attackers Words

21 year old Grace Brown started a new project “Unbreakable” by photographing people who are survivors of sexual abuse. Each victim was told to hold up a quote that haunts them. Each Quote resembles what words their attacker spoke.

This sparked a new trend and her website has said to be holding thousands and thousands of these quotes, allowing you to visualise the impact of sexual abuse and how common it is. The heartwarming part of this project is that it allows all the victims to express themselves through their own voices.

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