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10 weirdly wonderful relationships

Isn’t love a delightful and extremely disturbing thing? I thought fantasising about the sexiest celeb of 2014 was bad enough… Check out some of these victims dosed on the worlds most addictive drugs, love! Maybe these 10 weirdly wonderful relationships could inspire you with your future love? Or maybe not… Let’s hope… Enjoy!

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Having A Bad Day? These Will Prove It Could Be Worse

Think you’re having a bad day? Well, some of these scenarios will undoubtedly make you feel a lot better about yourself and the kind of day you’re having. These guys are having a right nightmare of a day… Seek some kind of comfort from this post, because your day couldn’t get much worse than these poor suckers!

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Father Tells Son He Won The Lotto The Reaction Is Priceless

Cruel intentions? Maybe not what went through this shameless fathers head. Daddy cool? Cool… No more! This is a MUST see. The priceless reaction when this poor boy is led to believe his Father just won the lotto. All of the possibilities running through the young boys head only to be ripped away from him within minutes. Although a harsh prank; this is class entertainment.
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27 Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Who Quote Their Attackers Words

21 year old Grace Brown started a new project “Unbreakable” by photographing people who are survivors of sexual abuse. Each victim was told to hold up a quote that haunts them. Each Quote resembles what words their attacker spoke.

This sparked a new trend and her website has said to be holding thousands and thousands of these quotes, allowing you to visualise the impact of sexual abuse and how common it is. The heartwarming part of this project is that it allows all the victims to express themselves through their own voices.

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Touching Story Of A Gay Man Coming Out ‘Is Being Gay A Choice?’

Being gay in todays society is still an issue to this day. Leaving most with the question Is being gay a choice?

This post is about a Youtube Vlogger who finds a touching story about a young man who is coming out to his parents and this is where things take a turn for the worst.

You hear the pure hate that his own birth parents have for him. It really hits the spots and opens up your eyes to what kind of world we are really living in.

The Vlogger asks his fan if you had a choice would you been gay or straight. He reads the responses in his video and they will really leave a lump in your throat. Is being gay a choice?

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