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10 weirdly wonderful relationships

Isn’t love a delightful and extremely disturbing thing? I thought fantasising about the sexiest celeb of 2014 was bad enough… Check out some of these victims dosed on the worlds most addictive drugs, love! Maybe these 10 weirdly wonderful relationships could inspire you with your future love? Or maybe not… Let’s hope… Enjoy!

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Touching Story How Fire Fighters Saved Hamsters Using Oxygen!

A beloved, modest mobile home caught alight near Washington. The hero’s of the city were quick to the scene where they tackled the fiery blazes.

Whilst tackling the blazes they were notified that there was an additional family of hamsters that were trapped in side the mobile home. These Brave fire fighters saved them whilst risking their own lives to return this fury family to the home owners.


Here you can see a brave firefighter giving air to one of the little hamsters.


Shortly after the firefighters were able to extinguish all the flames and managed to save everyone of the hamsters.


I Cant Believe What This TinderLad Did & Produces Some Outright Funny Tinder Selfies!

Flick through this gallery to see the rest of the funny Tinder selfies

This Australian has decided to take Tinder mocking onto the next level. He is seen posing like some of the women on Tinder and out right mocking them. Looking through these funny Tinder selfies has just made my day even better. SO for all you women out there that are using Tinder, id be carful to post any ridiculous selfies because @Tindafella is currently on a funny Tinder selfie mocking rampage.

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Cute Looking Babies Just Bobbing Along

These cute looking babies will defiantly make you melt. They are defiantly living life with zero worries! Enjoy it while you can guys because you will miss it. A Spa in Huston, Texas has taken a some what ‘different’ approach to things. They have started offering floating devices for children ages 2 weeks all the way up to 6 months. This device allows new borns to float along and watch the world go by for 20 minutes as part of a ‘hydrotherapy’ session. After their 20 minute ‘bob’ along they are then treated to a full body massage. Parenting ay…

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Some Bizarre And Inspiring Ice Bucket Challenges

It goes without question that the ‘ALS Ice Bucket challenge’ has exploded over the internet? ALS is also known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’. The challenge has reportedly managed to raise funds of around £27 million if not more. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is affecting around 10,000 plus people in the United States alone. There is no cure for this disease and very often patients will die after suffering a gradual paralysis.

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