Original And Damn Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

As I have already posted a collection of Halloween attire for our animal friends; its time I dedicated a post to us human. Share a bit of creativity and light on to the human imagination for this years Halloween. As I have preached already about the cliche Cat and Smurf costumes; here are some original and damn funny couple halloween costumes for you and the other half… Singletons, I don’t wish to SINGLE you out… Ha! See what I did there? But, these creative costumes don’t have to simply target the loved up puppies. You can use these ideas with a mate or family member. Errr.. Steer clear of the Mother though.. I don’t think she’d be too keen to dress as your USB input whilst you stand proud wearing a foam USB stick… Awkward.

So, yes! Enjoy and click through these original and damn funny couple halloween costumes with an open mind…